Use Cases

Imagine a life without carrying a pen and no printed application forms required to be filled in, for opening an account in a bank or for getting a PAN card. It was the signature put by applicant on the form that was preventing them from going online. But now, it is possible to replace hand written signature by electronic signature, which can be put in documents in electronic form. VSIGN offers a service called eSign that will allows Aadhaar users to sign documents electronically, thereby saving time and efforts for them.

Objective of eSign service is to offer on-line service to citizens for instant signing of their documents securely in a legally acceptable form. Two major challenges involved are (a) authentication of the user and (b) Trusted method of signing. Aadhaar based authentication is carried out to address the first challenge and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used to securely sign the user document and establish the trust.

Below are some of the use cases of eSign service


  • Applications Forms
  • Sanction Letters
  • Closure Requests
  • Deposits, Loan, LC Application Forms
  • Guarantee Applications
  • Stock Statements
  • Balance Confirmations
  • All Associated Correspondence
  • Miscellaneous Document


Human Resources
  • Job Applications
  • Interview, Appointment Letter
  • Form-16, Provident Funds, Payslips
  • Purchase Order, Invoices: To customer and from supplier. All vouchers and accounts related documents
  • Tax Filings, All other letters
Legal & Secretarial
  • Agreements, MOUs, Company Law Filings


  • Digital Locker: Self attestation
  • Tax: Application for ID, e-filing
  • Passport: Application for issuance, reissue
  • Financial Sector: Application for account opening in banks and post office
  • Transport Department: Application for driving licence renewal, vehicle registration
  • Various Certificates: Application for birth, caste, marriage, income certificate etc.


  • Quotation Request
  • Quotation
  • Policy Request
  • Policy Issuance
  • Claim Submission
  • Claim Settlement
  • Re-Insurance


  • Investment Applications
  • Confirmation Letters
  • Redemption Requests
  • Transfer Instruments
  • Balance Confirmation
  • All Related Documents
  • Depository & Custodial Related Papers


  • Brokerage Account Opening
  • Depository Account Opening
  • All requests for Investments
  • Enhancement to facilities
  • All Trade Confirmations
  • Settlement Letters
  • All statements: Customer, Other Brokerages, Stock Exchanges, Depositories